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SERHS Experience Suites [En]

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The accommodations are a separate attraction for you to feel so special that you won’t want to leave them for a single minute. All comfort in a large, modern and spacious structure with a privileged view of the sea and a large balcony.

SERHS Experience Suites has three types of accommodation: Imperial, Premium and Exclusive. All with a complete and comfortable structure for you to enjoy every minute.

Exclusive Suites

With a privileged view of the sea and a large balcony equipped with a panoramic pool sun loungers, and a futon, ensuring total comfort and exclusivity. You will have an exclusive team with a maid, concierge, waiter, and messenger, ready to provide you with a very special service, just the way you deserve!

2 people

42 m² of internal area

34 m² of outdoor area

Panoramic swimming pool

Wine House


Coffee machine


Premium Suites

Perfect translation of the concept of comfort and sophistication, it has a large internal area with a modern and elegant structure to make your experience unique. The terrace with an infinity pool guarantees a panoramic view to make your stay memorable. As a complement, the sunbeds, the hammock and the futon provide the comfort for your relaxation.

2 people

56 m² of internal area

82 m² of outdoor area

Panoramic infinity pool

Wine House


Coffee machine


Imperial Suite

Idealized at the convergence of sophistication and comfort, the suite most coveted by lovers of exclusivity and refinement will provide a magnificent and unparalleled experience. With a complete and modern structure, an innovative and bold design, in addition to a range of differentiated and special services, the Imperial Suite is the true glimpse of what it means to be exceptional.

2 rooms

5 people

193 m² of internal area

164 m² of outdoor area

Panoramic swimming pool with jacuzzi

Wine House

Multidoor fridge

Coffee machine

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